Made it !

waiting in Pre-Op

waiting in Pre-Op

Hello to all, First off, thanks once again for all the good wishes, even though I am in a drug induced stupor for much of the time those little notes from you cheer me up  to no end. As I’m sure you know, both my surgeries were very successful and they let me come home the very next day. Let’s talk about pain first of all. WOWEE! they told me I would feel as if I had been run over by a steam roller and they weren’t kidding. I feel as if my chest is being squeezed in a vice, even breathing hurts. Thanks God for pain pills.I am not able to get up or down without assistance at the moment, and thanks to the ingenuity of nurse Julie, she rigged a light switch with a whistle on the end that I can easily reach during the night, so I am able to call for help whenever I need it. I am to shower and change dressings daily so I am getting used to looking at my frankenboobs. It really is a bit scary at first. The Docs seem to think they look great. Hmm, I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective.  I also have two drains with little suction balls on the end that look remarkably like plastic hand grenades. I’ll take a photo for a later posting. These have to be emptied and the contents measured 3-4 times a day. All in all I think I am doing ok. I will feel a lot happier when I have a bit more independence back. One funny note to leave you with, today  Julie locked herself in the chicken coop, thank goodness Peter heard her crys for help.


4 thoughts on “Made it !

  1. Hi Tina!

    I’m SO glad you got to go home so soon! We always feel better at home. With Nurse Ratchett there, you’re well cared for & fully supplied with pain meds. Good!

    I have something to send to you that should help cheer you up! Would you like to give me your mailing address or would you rather I send it to Spex? Just let me know where to send it & I’ll get it in the mail.
    Later, you wonderful woman!

  2. My dearest Tina,

    I’m so happy to see blogging again!!! Good to know that you are feeling better already!!! You are the strongest woman I know and The best exemple of neverending woman power.Sending healing your way! Feel better, keep it up and don’t you ever loose that awesome sense of humor of yours!:)
    With lots of love,


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