Of course this would happen now…..

It’s been a long time since I posted in the middle of the night, but here I am.I am not feeling nervous if that’s what you think, well not about the surgery. It’s more about if I can have the surgery or not. Let me explain……..Yesterday, I had a sore tummy all day, an odd feeling that kept getting worse. By evenings end I was having trouble walking around and getting up and down from the chair. “It feels a bit like when I had that hernia” I say to the now worried Julie and Peter…..BINGO! All those heavy pots and pans that came into use for the Bye Bye Boobie BBQ must have twisted my colon a bit. So, I did as instructed before and gently put a heating pad on and tried to do a little (painful) massage. I have been sitting here thinking about what will happen if they don’t let me have surgery today. Oh why is nothing straight forward. Fingers crossed that all will be fine, in fact I think the pain has subsided quite a bit since I last prodded myself to check. This is just typical isn’t it? Crikey, it’s almost time to get up, I better sign off. Thanks for all the positive comments on the new Blog, so glad you like it 😉


5 thoughts on “Of course this would happen now…..

  1. Oh no!!!! We really hope that everything will go as planned!!! Thinking of you,missing you and love you. Stay strong and positive as you always are!
    P.S. your new blog is amazing!!!

  2. Girlfriend! I LUVLUVLUV your new blog:) It is a creation of beauty!! And now I am going to be praying for you all day that your colon untwists, your knickers don’t bunch, and your boobs head to heaven, so you can start healing…again! LUVS YOUS!! Amanda

  3. I love the new blog! Good job, girl! All the very best luck to you today with your surgery. I’ll be thinking of you today! Hopefully your difficulty of last night won’t get in the way of your goal of getting ‘er done today.

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