The new normal………

[Originally posted on Thursday, March 8, 2012]

Yesterday it was so nice and sunny and I got up feeling great, I mean just like normal really so I talked Peter into taking me all the way to Paulsbo to central market (favorite grocery store) to do a bit of a shop, even stopped along the way for a coffee at our favorite spot. Somewhere between the cracker isle and the frozen foods the dreaded stomach cramps hit…… I’m not just talking a little twinge here I’m talking “OMG! honey, I’m going to poop my pants in about 5 seconds” fortunately the restrooms are fairly close by and I make it in time only to be somewhat disappointed by the meager output. I wait around hoping something else is coming down the pipeline to ease the cramps………nothing. I rejoin Peter and tell him to put the groceries in the car I need to go back in for another attempt.( do you know anybody who can make a bowel movement more dramatic?) Ten minutes later and nothing amounting to more than a couple of tootsie rolls, I give in and traipse out to to car. On the road now and guess what…..I think I just pooped my pants. Now in the big scheme of disasters this didn’t rank too highly but what if this is the ‘new normal’ for me. I’m praying it’s not but I may just have to reinstate the PINEAPPLE code word when I get back to work. Lets hope not but I had better be prepared because life “down the back of beyond” ain’t what it used to be.


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