Prunes, prunes, prunes…………

[Originally posted on Thursday, March 15, 2012]

After seeing Dr B on Tues to remove my staples we had a long talk about what to expect in the waste disposal department as my body readjusts to it’s ‘new normal’ All I have to do is to sort of internally stretch out my lower colon with…..yes you’ve guessed it, prunes. Actually, not just prunes but anything that is a high source of soluble fiber to add bulk. This new regime also includes a large glass of prune juice before bed. Good grief! I thought prune juice was only for old people. Also, I now have to do kegel exercises for my bum. I can manage about 4 before I crack up laughing, I don’t know why it’s just funny….you try it.

I start back to work tomorrow and I think I am ready. I just have to remember not to lift anything heavier than a quart of milk and keep my fingers crossed that the kegels’ and prunes are working their magic.


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