Letting go…..

[Originally posted in April 2012]

Last Sunday, Peter and I, our two dogs, Charlie and Alfie along with the Parrot (Ruby) set out for a few days or R & R on the Olympic Peninsula.    About midway between Port Angeles and Neah bay we rented a little cabin on the beach. Our intention was to scatter our beloved Zoe’s ashes into the straits of Juan De Fuca where she loved to swim in her younger days. I made wreaths of daisy chains and we had a tearful goodbye at the shores edge. I swear the other two dogs knew what was going on as their demeanor was so solemn. The rest of the weekend was fun, fun fun. We did some hiking, we listened to music on a French Canadian station, (that always makes me feel as if I’m in another country) we drank some bubbly, we played cards and I let my GIRLS out to play all over the place…..yes that’s right I went topless at the ocean and in the Forest. I contemplated skinny dipping in the sound but come on do I look crazy?…………. don’t answer that! We had just the best time and I feel as if I have given them a good send off so now I need to knuckle down and work as hard as I can in preparation for a month off from work after surgery in May. Peter will be starting a new job next week at a cafe here in Port Orchard, it’s only part-time but it will definitely help to pay our ever increasing bloody medical bills.


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