Happy Easter ……

[Originally posted on Sunday, April 8, 2012]

Gifts from my girls

I am not what you would call a religious person but, growing up Easter Sunday was a favorite holiday. At our house it was a quick trip to church with Mum in the morning (Dad never went) Then it would be all hands on deck to help with the big Sunday roast along with best china and fancy table-cloth. It was as important a get together as Christmas. We did not hunt for eggs in the garden, oh no, we received eggs from all relatives attending lunch of the chocolate variety. So, depending on how many relatives you might have coming over determined your stash of chocolate for the next week/month. The chocolate eggs of which I am talking are not the little Cadbury ones filled with goo, no, these would be very elaborate affairs. Large hollow eggs 12″ tall, their insides filled with more chocolates, literally a chocolate box of chocolates. Now, wrap all that up in bright cellophane or foil, add a ribbon and hey presto…. happy Easter. If you are lucky, there is also a bit of rivalry that goes on between your relatives as to who brings the biggest, fanciest egg for their beloved niece or nephew. For us it was an absolutely fantastic choc-0-rama. Might this give you an insight into why British people sometimes have, well, not the best teeth?

One thing and one thing only would be served for lunch. SPRING LAMB, my absolute favorite meat. It’s also ironic that around this time of year we would always drive out on a Sunday afternoon to ooh and ah over the frolicking spring lambs in the fields. I’d like to think now that it was a way of honoring the beautiful little creatures that they are, before we….ate them.Anyway, I am very much looking forward to cooking my own leg of lamb today and enjoying it with my family of friends.

p.s. thanks to Dovegreyreader for the picture of the lamb….best book blog EVER.


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