Getting Ready, having a devil of a time………

May 6, 2012

It’d almost like going on holiday, all the things you have to get ready before a big surgery. Figuring out what clothes you will want to wear when you go in that you can wear when you come home, with all those bells and whistles attached to you. I actually got a prescription from the surgeon to take to Nordstoms. This sounds more exciting than it was. I had to be measured for a post surgical garment called a camisole Ha Ha, you should see this thing it looks like something Joan of Arc would have worn under her armor. However, I’m sure I will be glad of it. My wonderful friend Julie arrives in a couple of weeks to take care of me again, so need to get her room ready and gussied up a bit. Need to retrain little dog not to leap onto my bed or big fat cat for that matter. They both seemed to know I was in some distress last time and got the message pretty quickly. WEEDS! must attack our weed problem to some degree before I am down, we are in danger of been taken over…’s like the triffids, if you are old enough to remember that film.

Trying not to be nervous…..

This is easier said than done, I’m still a little lost in my boob love affair. I even had a dream in which I tried to sit up in the operating room and screem out “No, you can’t have them” only no sound came out of my mouth. Awoke in a cold sweat after that one, which made a change from the boiling hot flashes I usually have.

So, bit by bit I am getting prepared. I’m told that when I wake up from surgery I will feel as though I have been run over by a steam roller and done about 100 push-ups…..Crikey, I can’t even manage one push-up, bet I’m going to have some mighty Strong pain pills this time, don’t you think?


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