D day approaching, or should that be Double D Day?

Well, Here it is already, How the time flies when you don’t want it to, but to be honest I’m just ready to get on with it now, sometimes the waiting is the worst part. Yesterday, I had one final party (You know me, any excuse) We called it the Bye Bye Boobie BBQ and just had a very small gathering over for ribs, which is all I will be left with after tomorrows surgery…ha ha, what a sick sense of humor I have. Nurse Ratched Julie is in residence and getting all my ducks in a row for me, what a lucky girl I am.  I will have limited arm movement for a while so we are doing a little re-arranging in the After Surgery Sanctuary to make all the things I will need within easy reach. Julie will post while I’m away and keep you all ABREAST (sorry, couldn’t resist} of my situation.

Now, I have a little tale of woe to tell you from last week. Actually, it started the week before. I was on the final leg of my ferry commute homeward bound one day, when I felt a sudden urge to go to the bathroom (we are talking number two here) This is a tiny ferry with no facilities.By the time I got into the car I told my husband he needed to get me home as fast as possible “drive like the flippin” wind honey” I started to sweat profusely, so great was my effort to hold everything in. We squealed into the drive way and I made it as far as the bathroom door before I lost the battle.I will tell you that this experience left me sobbing in embarrassment and frustration. So, forward to last Wed, picture me at work, rushed off my feet, when I get that feeling again. Fortunately, I make it to the bathroom in time, between appointments. I think to myself, “run to the store while your client is processing and get some immodium” I am in the store, searching  the isles when…….”Oh no, please God, let there be a bathroom in here” NO BATHROOM.The worst thing that could have happened happened. Yep, I pooped my pants! I left without purchase, butt cheeks clenched, and did some sort of shuffle/run back to work, waving cheerily as I passed my client. “Be with you in just a tick” Whipped off underwear, washed it and me and returned to work. I am never leaving the house again unless I have spare undies, clean wipes and a change of clothes. Good God this is distressing! I just don’t know what to think.

One a brighter note, what do you all think of the new blog? I have really enjoyed re-doing all the posts and searching out images, in some cases drawing them myself. My hope is that this will find its way to a few people who might be going through the same thing and would enjoy reading (and laughing) along with me. Please feel free to pass on the link.


7 thoughts on “D day approaching, or should that be Double D Day?

  1. Hi Tina
    I LOVE your re-fashioned blog. Great work!! I’ve been thinking about you every day recently. Finally, the big day is nearly here and it will soon be over – again. Thank you to Julie for taking care of you over the coming weeks.

  2. Tina,

    The new blog is perfect! In every way.

    Thank you for sharing and for allowing the support and LOVE we all want to give YOU.

    I THINK OF YOU EVERY DAY and hope in some way you are receiving my thoughts, prayers, and loving energies.

  3. Hi Tina, I just got on to your new link. I love the pictures and all. I wish you the very best with your upcoming surgery. Try to be patient, step by step, and all will work out. Thank you for sharing your experiences – good and not so good. Take care and know that I am thinking about you and that I care about you. *~*Estelle

  4. Love your blog and what a great photo! You are in my thoughts and meditations for an efficient, precise and effective surgery tomorrow! Know that you are loved and supported by so many and you’ll get through this. Here’s to great pain meds! Hugs and xxx, Jan.

  5. Tina, love the new blog! It must have been a chore to add all the old posts. I’m sure you will be an inspiration and support for many people to come with your humor through this process. Know that I’m thinking of you often and I hope that tomorrow goes smoothly and you are on the road to being cancer free soon. Hugs and Kisses from Marina and Corrina.

  6. Well done, Tina. Good work on the blog! I’ve been thinking of you as D day approached and have you in my thoughts and prayers. I know you’ll come through with your usual grace and humor; you are an inspiration to us all. See you soon back in Seattle! Laurie

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