A little love affair……

[Originally posted on Monday, April 16, 2012]

Doctors have been visited, breasts have been measured and photographed, options have been discussed and a date has been set…..

Tuesday May 22nd…………………………………………………….

The love affair of which I speak is the one I’m currently having with my boobs. It never occurred to me before but I love my boobs. My whole adult life I have either taken them for granted or decried their size with names like the bouncing bazumbas. Well, I take it all back….I love you guys. Everyday I look at them, hold them, talk softly to them telling them how much they will be missed. It’s the strangest feeling to know they will be gone forever on the 22nd of may. This whole thing feels way different from my first cancer operation, so I lost a foot of colon…..who cares, I’ve never seen the thing anyway, but my breasts! I can’t take my eyes off them these days. Peter walked into the bathroom the other day and caught me crying in the tub. He asked why and I pointed to my soft mounds of loveliness blubbering how much I’m going to miss them. I’m sure all women in this position have to deal with this grieving process and I don’t want to be a big baby about it so I’ll say no more, just enjoy their company for the next 35 days…..not that I’m counting.


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