winter wonderland…………

[Originally posted in January 2012]

Finally we have some snow and it looks like real winter outside. I have been enjoying the last couple of days walking with the dogs but to be quite honest I’m sick of it now and cabin fever is setting in. My last outing was on Tues when I went to see my surgeon to set a date for the next surgery (March 1st) I have all kinds of tests before the big day one of which is a barium enema……….ehem! no explanation required. I had to cancel my big cat scan that should have been on Wed (snow day) which will tell them if there is any cancer left, which of course there will not be That’s now rescheduled for next week. It will be great to get an official all clear. I also have to have some kind of scope that’s like a colonoscopy but without the anaesthetic……….Blimey, can’t wait for that one. Anyway, no need to dwell on that one right now it’s in two weeks time. It was lovely to see Dr B he is a gem, always greets me with a hug now. As I sat in the waiting room I told another patient of his that has an upcoming surgery that she should not worry Dr B’s the best and will take good care of her. Really, I should do an ad for him.

It’s terrific to be done with those little pink chemo pills. the taste of metal is finally leaving my mouth and I am just feeling better all the time. All in all my body coped pretty well I think., at least I never had to hug the porcelain throne which is the image everyone has from movies about people on chemo. I did have a feeling of mild seasickness from time to time but really that was very controllable with pills. so, if any of you find out that you have to take chemo sometime in your life, don’t automatically assume the worst. Ok, I’m off to look at the snow and knit some socks or something. Sorry to any of my clients that have had to reschedule appointments because of the snow.

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