To infinity and beyond……….

[Originally posted onTuesday, February 14, 2012]

I have found that after I arrive for a procedure that I have not previously experienced there is a moment when I’m sitting in the waiting room and a creeping sense of dread comes over me. Will it hurt? is usually the first thought, followed by any number of embarrassments I can conjure up in my mind. Soon my name is called by a smiling nurse and I try to push all those nasty thoughts to the back burner. Once I am changed into hospital garb and climb up onto yet another examination table, I relax, and think “Ok, go on then, let’s get this show on the road”

An X-ray was taken before administering the enema and I was left alone for a few minutes to examine my surroundings. Obviously I was in the pediatric room because everywhere I looked there were pictures from Toy story. As i looked past my feet there was a giant picture of Buzz Lightyear on the wall and next to him hung the bag of barium with about 16 feet of tubing looped lasso style on a metal stand. I started to laugh and was still a giggling when the nurse came back in. I pointed to Buzz…… “I hope you’re not planning on sending all that tubing (amplified voice) to Infinity and beyond”  The actual procedure was not bad at all….no pain involved just another strange cramping sensation as they rolled me about under the x-ray machine. To be honest the worst part came after I had left radiology . I shuffled my way from one bathroom to the next as the desire to rid my body of all that barium became, well….quite urgent. Thank god hospitals have a gazillion toilets. So I’ll wish you a very happy Valentine’s day and will be reporting back tomorrow after the boob biopsy.

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