They must be joking……REALLY!

[Originally posted on February 3, 2012]

Yesterday I went for a mammogram, haven’t had one for a few years and my new gynecologist wanted me to be checked…no problem thought I as I turned up at the new Swedish women’s diagnostic center. “Right this way Christina” all these hospital folk call me by my full name, it makes me feel as if I’m back in school. “Just pop your boob up on this plate and let me see how flat we can make it” as we squash another plate on top and the nurse cleverly asks me to tell her when the pressure is causing unbearable pain and then just squashes it fraction more thinking I don’t notice.Hah! She tells me we will take 4 images in all, then she takes them off to the radiologist and returns me to the waiting room. Ten minutes later she’s back. “We need two more images on your left one” ok, this time the plate gets smaller and the squish a bit harder. Back to the waiting room. Ten more minutes and then another nurse comes in. She tells me that the radiologist has a concern about an area of that left one and wants even more images done. Oh come on now, just how many squishes does it take? The answer to that is four more just on my poor little lefty.Back to the waiting room. I have to say that I am getting just a tad concerned now. I am shown into yet another room to meet the radiologist, a very nice man, who is sitting infront of several black and white screen images of my boobs. I’ll cut to the chase. I have two areas deep inside lefty that don’t look right, if you know what I mean and I am now scheduled for a double biopsy on the 15th (a three hour procedure I’m told) right after my barium enema on the 14th. Happy valentine’s day Tina. If I now find out that I have breast cancer I’m going to be pretty pissed off I can tell you.

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