The rest of the story…….

[Originally posted in January 2012]

After I had spoken with Crystal (our dear sweet dog sitter) I learned that on discovering Zoe in the morning she immediately called our vet, for whom she works and asked him to come over and help her with Zoe’s body which he did (thank you Dr W) They took her to the surgery and laid her in a burial box in case we wanted to bury her. We decided against this as we already have a garden full of our dearly departed pets. When we returned home to our house in the afternoon not only was there a beautiful bouquet of white lilies and a sympathy card but also (and this is the clincher) she had taken the time to make a clay paw print of Zoe’s with a little heart etched into the clay beside her name. There are a few tears dried into that clay paw print I can tell you. Thank you all so much for you kind words of sympathy it means a great deal to an old softy like me.

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