Life goes on………

[Originally posted on Saturday, January 7, 2012]

view from our window at Iron Springs

view from our window at Iron Springs

After attending our friends new years eve party (ok we left to come home about 10ish) I started the new year with a customary walk in the woods communing with nature and deciding on resolutions.

1) exercise more, well actually any exercise would be a 100% improvement.

2) Be more organised. I am a typical Gemini in this regard either super organised or a bit of a slob

3) Try to pay off medical bills before spending more money.

OK that last one really interferes with my plans for a trip overseas this year…..I may renege on that one……we’ll see how strong my resolve is.

We left for the Washington coast for a couple of days to celebrate our good friend Sandy’s 50th Birthday. Had a lovely time holed up in our cabin at Iron Springs while the wind swirled and rain lashed and trees crashed around us. We had just crazy weather, I think over 80 mile an hour winds and sideways rain. We still managed to walk  stumble along on the beach, the locals must have thought us mad. Well, you can’t go to the ocean and not walk on the beach can you?

As we headed out for home and my phone gained it’s reception I saw a text from our house/dog/cat/ chicken sitter to call her at work. Our beautiful but elderly German Shepard Zoe had died in her sleep early Wed morning. A wonderful way for her to go as she was not sick at all but at 13 we knew she might not have too long to go.I am so sad to have lost her sweet spirit in my life. Apparently she just crawled up onto the couch, positioned herself in the spot where I sit and died. She was the most wonderful dog and will be terribly missed, not only by our family but our friends too. Because she always made our guests feel welcome, may times choosing to sleep by their side (or even on) their beds at night. I cannot express how much I loved this dog it would sound way too mushy if I tried. So, anyway, life goes on.

Zoe at Christmas


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