Clean as a whistle…………

[Originally posted on Thursday, January 26, 2012]    

So, my day started out at 5.30 when I awoke to discover the closure on my bag had somehow come undone, “oh brother here we go again” no, really, this may be the worst one yet. Everything had to be washed, sheets, mattress, the carpet and almost the dog. Jeez Louise, what is it with me and this stupid bag do other ostomy patients have this much trouble??? Anyway, I had a big day ahead, so I tried not to let it upset me.

I arrived at Seattle radiologists a little sweaty after the big walk uphill from the ferry to be nicely cooled off by a cold tumbler full of barium (or whatever that chalky stuff they make you drink is) The funny thing about getting a cat scan with contrast is that they pass your body backwards and forwards through the donut hole that sounds as if you might be in the spin cycle of your washing machine then you get the contrast stuff let into your vein and you immediately feel as if you have peed your pants, no kidding you are laying there thinking ” I just peed my pants OMG! but no it’s just what that stuff does to you. WEIRD! After that was over, I went to see the Naturoapthic Doc for a revision of my supplements then a little lunch and finally to see Dr G my oncologist who never beats around the bush. He told me flat-out as soon as he walked into the room that my cat scan was “clean as a whistle” Fan- bloody- tastic. I left the hospital and the sun came out (always a good sign) and walked to work with the biggest smile on my face. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be officially cancer free.

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