A pretty picture………

[Originally posted on Friday, February 10, 2012]

I arrived at the hospital for my flexible sigmoidoscopy (similar to a colonoscopy but they don’t go as far up into your colon) not really realising that this was a full on medical procedure. I thought it would be a quick in and out sort of a thing! er, so to speak. I went through the admission procedure, got the heart monitor wires and finger clip put on, asked what my religious preference was??? Told two nurses I did not need an IV as I was going to work (they looked slightly horrified) I had discussed this with Dr B beforehand and he said  “Not a problem”  Then I am put on a gurney and wheeled into a very official looking OR room with a large screen monitor hanging above the bed. As my surgeon was a little late I chatted with the three nurses in my room, one of which was wearing a full on clear plastic visor across her entire face and a white, full length plastic apron. Let me stop right here, because I think you can imagine what is going through my mind. I politely tell her that I don’t think she will be needing that mask and that I don’t intend for anything to come shooting out in her direction. They all laugh and then proceed to tell me all the horror stories of things that have indeed shot into their eyes on different occasions. So gross……yuk! I’m so glad I’m a hairdresser.

Dr B arrives and the first thing he does is grab for my hand and smile into my face. “Can you do me a huge favor?” well this is a shocker, what can I possibly do for him. He tells me that March is colon cancer awareness month and they are having a 10K run and fund-raiser. I almost interrupt him to say I don’t run before he asks me if I will be one of his “Faces of colon cancer” Oh fine, of course I will and no I don’t mind being interviewed because I have a lot of great things to say. Done.

On with the procedure and I’m feeling brave now, I decide to watch. Well this is interesting, a little uncomfortable and crampy but no bigggy. I see shiny metal Staples in my colon?? fancy that and it looks pretty healthy. There is one tiny lump which he decides to remove, now this is really getting good and then woosh! camera gone procedure over. Go to recovery, poop out some blood, off to work. Everything is looking good and on target for ileostomy reversal surgery on the 1st of March.


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