Trial by POOP!…….

[Originally posted on Friday, October 14, 2011]

Well honestly, this is now an established part of my life. The Poop factor……I am sure that ostomy patients the world over have these same trials and tribulations but it seems to be a huge hurdle for me to over come. How many disasters does it take before I get the flippin’ hang of this. Of course you know of the frightful ferry fiasco, but there are more. One right in the middle of a foil for God’s sake ! I am getting better at presenting a calm front as I don’t leave home without a spare bag these days, but it just seems as if I am a total incompetent. Now that I’m back on chemo, coping with diarrhea is just part of it, problem is, these bags are not designed to cope with lots of fluid (oh brother, do you really want to read this?) so it’ll just starts to seep out the sides….lovely! when this happened at three in the morning I was hard pressed to see the funny side I can tell you, but my husband appearing stark naked at the bathroom door looking worried certainly helped. I know you are all thinking the same thing……what are you doing wrong Tina? Well it’s not that simple, there is a learning curve to this. There are two parts to this contraption. The first (the wafer) has a hole in the center to be cut by you to the exact size of your stoma (the bit of my intestine that protrudes out) and then it fits snugly over that and is stuck to your skin with something akin to super glue (no moving it about once it’s on). I’m told to make it a tight fit, ok but how tight is tight? If it’s too small the poop can’t get through the hole into the bag (that causes a leak) and if it’s too big the stuff touches your skin and burns it off.  I seem to get a good fit about every other time. I also have to fill in a couple of skin divots with some paste not unlike window putty and then there is the powder to be sprinkled on and barrier lotion to be wiped over the powder….see the frustration? Poop used to be something that was never inspected, it was delightfully whooshed away out of sight out of mind. As I have never had any babies to change, dealing with poop at this level and all the time is new to me. I’m sure all you Mums out there are rolling your eyes and saying ” Aah yes we remember it well”


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