Tina’s life goes to pot!……..

[Originally posted on Sunday, October 2, 2011]

I thought it was time to delve into the medical marijuana scene, I mean after all, it is legal here and you never know just what a difference this little plant might when suffering from the effects of chemo. Over the years, I have heard only great things about the benefits from people who claimed that it was the only thing that really and truly got them through the dark days of nausea….so why not have some on hand?

Step 1, Where to get it….. A friend who works in the medical profession gave me the name of a place in Tacoma that apparently has a good reputation??? I then made a tentative call, asking what I would need to score some premo bud…no, no of course I didn’t say that. I was told to fax over my case notes. Feeling very unsure about asking my oncologist for permission to acquire said notes I chickened out and asked his nurse instead. So, with a “Psst” and a beckoning finger towards a dark corner, I persuaded her to get my case notes printed off for me. Why I feel as if I need to behave in such a clandestine way I just don’t know but I do.

Step 2,.Who the heck has a fax machine anymore? Well I certainly don’t, but we do have one at work…..OK, more whispering around corners, because I need help with this too (gosh I am pathetic) Anyway, my case notes are whisked away and within 10 minutes I receive a phone call basically saying “Yes, we think you are sick enough to qualify” Now I have an appointment 🙂

Step 3, The office visit. I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe guards posted at a gate topped with razor wire, What I found was a very small unobtrusive building in an industrial area of Tacoma called Rainier Wellness Center. The small parking lot was jammed full and I had to wait for someone to leave before I could park. I found myself getting nervous. I hate to be late. Ha, I needn’t have worried on that score as I had to wait over and hour (the place was packed) to be called up, and that was just for a photo for my (tamper proof) official medical marijuana card. At last I am ushered into an office and told to take a seat at a large desk. As I go to pull out a chair I’m told “oh no not that one, the view is better from this one” Huh, what view are you talking about? All becomes clear when I am face to face with a large computer screen and told that the nurse practitioner will be conducting my interview via skype from……….Hawaii??? ok,whatever, he was very nice and we talked for 15 minutes about my symptoms and what the pot might help with (appetite, nausea, sleep and pain) and off I went to…the dispensary.

Step 4, Knowing what to buy. The young, and I’m thinking early twenties here, girl asked me if I knew what I wanted. I smiled ” I have no idea” In front of me were about twenty large Mason jars full of different varieties. The names on the jars were hilarious, for example there’s the AK47, Casey Jones, Power Plant, the Vortex and Paradise. She asked what kind of high do you like. Jeez Louise, how do I answer that. I said the only thing I could think off “Well, I like a good giggle” She gave me that sad “oh Lord, a rookie” look and proceeded to recommend some of the “Lighter” versions. I left with my brown paper lunch bag stuffed with 5 different samples, some lotion (not sure what it’s for but it smelled of mangos) a tincture, for when smoking is not available and I drove home wondering what would happen if I got stopped my the police, God I’m such a worry wart.

Step 5, Clinical trials. My honest opinion on this subject is that… It’s great. He he he.


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