Tina Tenderfoot…..

[Originally posted in December 2011]

As I have been coping so well with the chemo so far I admit to being fairly shocked when sitting in the tub the other day doing the obligatory sole sloughing routine with the pumice stone only to realise that big chunks of skin were pealing off my feet….yikes! Well, it’s not so bad really just a bit alarming. I had been

coming to the end of my chemo cycle and starting to feel the old tenderfoot routine starting up again so I suppose this just happens, more disturbing actually was the thumping headache I had the last two days of this cycle. Oh well, what was I thinking….that I could take all this poison and have no side effects….well, kind of, yes.

On a more pleasant subject, the living room is looking very smart with it’s new coat of paint and it’s floors are gleaming again ( this is a bit of a rare occurrence when you have three dogs, two cats and a parrot) I can hardly wait to start decorating for Christmas next weekend.


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