No big deal……..

[Originally posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011]

I am constantly surprised to hear people say things to me that I’ve never heard before. For instance nobody had ever told me I’m courageous and up until all this started I’ve never been told how tremendously strong and positive I am. All this adulation is so nice and unexpected if not a teeny bit weird. I mean isn’t everybody that goes through something like this courageous, you don’t have a choice really do you?. For me it’s just the struggle to maintain some sort of normal life that is hard. I think I’m good at pretending none of this is really happening to me.

I was at a pumpkin party over the weekend and we happened to get onto the subject of eye balls (doesn’t everyone) spooky stories were being told, so I related the one about my Grandmother who walked into a saucepan handle and popped her eye out onto her cheek……”oooh” the kids said with glee. Yes but the best part of the story is that she went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror (with the good one I suppose) and put the thing back in its socket then carried on making dinner. To my surprise my friend said ” Well, that’s not hard to believe if it was your Grandmother ” Really folks, I am pretty sure I could not do this.

I sometimes feel as if I am wearing a superwoman cloak but really I’m just the same old me underneath, seemingly still able to laugh at myself in all these crazy situations really is probably my biggest asset. What I think I am trying to say here is thank you for thinking so highly of me. And anyway you all just wait till I have my meltdown and become the sniveling baby I know is lurking somewhere under that cloak.

This is a picture of my Grandmother, Jessie was born in 1880, a strong working class woman who loved to dance and worked at the Cadbury chocolate factory in Birmingham. She had a penchant for hats…..very bizarre hats if you ask me.


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