Jingling my bells…….

[Originally posted on December 5th 2011]

WOW! it’s December 5th already and I need to get cracking with the whole Christmas decorating, card sending, present buying business and pronto. I don’t know about you but I sort of like the mad rush to get everything done last-minute. For years I envied a friend of mine who seemed to have all her presents bought and wrapped by July, well not anymore…bring on the mad dash I say, it’s just more exciting that way. We (meaning Peter) cut down a very nice small Blue Nord tree yesterday afternoon, so I’ll be decorating that today and singing carols at the top of my voice (best for all if I’m alone on this one) and really getting in the mood.

I do have a bit of a worry with this hand foot thingy because now my hands are becoming super sensitive and tender, even warm water is painful and don’t even ask me to open a bottle cap because I can’t. I’ll be seeing my Doc on Thursday so we’ll see what he has to say. So, heads up my clients, your shampoo’s might be a bit cooler than usual or perhaps I can wear rubber gloves….with jingle bells on!….just kidding.

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