A few words of wisdom…….

[Originally posted in November 2011]

If you awaken in the middle of the night and for some reason cannot go back to sleep because you are thinking about a future surgery you will be having and thinking….”I Charliewonder what to expect this time around” Do not, absolutely no not get on the Internet to check! I know this but did I do it anyway…why, yes I did. Come on people out there in cyber space, do you all have such terrible tales of woe to tell? Apparently so, or at least only the ones that had things go wrong feel the need to write. So now, even though my corrective bag reversal surgery is not until March I have opened the door to many more sleepless nights worrying about something that will most likely not happen to me……but just might!..I mean what if the surgeon slips, trips, scalpel in hand????……( I did not read about this happening by the way but in my head I could imagine it).Oh brother, just heed my warning will you and stay the hell off those Internet sites.

On the positive end of things Peter and I are painting our living room this weekend. I am being very careful not to do too much (after the gardening hernia fiasco) so that puts me fairly squarely into the supervisory position, a place I am very comfortable (she who must be obeyed and all that… he he he)

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