The sun has got it’s hat on …hip hip hip hooray!

[Originally published in August 2011

Happy Labour day weekend everyone, what fantastic weather huh? Oh wait a minute isn’t this supposed to be the end of summer? Good grief, things just aren’t what theyused to be in the weather department are they?

Well, I am gearing up to go back to work and I have to say it is with mixed feelings. On one hand I cannot wait to be back behind my chair, seeing all my clients and feeling normality creep back into my life (not to mention the money will be very welcome) On the other hand I am really worried about my stamina. I think my muscles might have atrophied with all this lying around. I get very tired very quickly and my fear is I won’t hold up very well at first. But , having said that I’m back at SPEX on Thursday and very happy about it.

I had a marathon visit to the hospital to see both my oncologists, get a blood draw and see the ostomy nurse last Wed. I will be starting back up on the chemo next week. Two weeks on one week off for about 6 months. I love my oncologist Dr G because he almost always swears during our appointments and really who doesn’t love a doctor that can call a spade a spade. I have never in my life had a Doc use a four letter word in my prsence…’s so refreshing. I will tell you though, it was all I could do on returning home to stagger upstairs and fall into bed. I seem to be zapped of all my strength. It will be exactly one month tomorrow that I had my surgery and I fully expected to be turning cartwheels by now. I am taking walks everyday to try to get my body in working order but don’t be surprised if you catch me napping in the shampoo chairs at work (just joking…sort of)

Now, one thing I do have to talk about is my ever shrinking vagina (look, I said it again and I didn’t even flinch) Yes, the old tunnel of love is now a mere shadow of its former self. While in theory this sounds as if it could be a good thing ……it is definitely not. I have been forced to talk to all these men doctors about this (and I thought all those men taking photos of my bum was bad) Ha! that was childs play in the arena of embarrassment. The trouble is nobody really has any idea what to do about it. Oh, the radiation oncologist Dr M thought it might be a good idea to have a gynecologist insert a speculum and manually try to break up the scar tissue…….Waaaaaaa! not on your nelly. In fact when I told Dr G he laughed and said “Under general anaesthetic maybe” So you see my problem. I am being referred to a WOMAN..gynecologist at the hospital, so maybe she will have another suggestion. Like it or not, I’ll keep you posted.



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