No news is good news……..

[Originally posted in September 2011]

I thought you might be getting worried as I haven’t reported for a while. On the whole things are going well, to be honest I would be so bold as to say very well indeed! Hope that’s not a jinx. I’ve two weeks of chemo under my belt and still feeling good and now I get a week off to boot. Hair still firmly attached to my head..yeah! My biggest frustration are these damn ostomy bags. I have had two more incidents of leeks (nothing as dramatic as the ferry debacle) however it is quite worrying as the portion of skin under the wafer that you stick to your skin……ooooh you don’t want to know, because all this leakage is burning away all my skin. I would post a photo but you might faint. I am back to my regular schedule at work and that’s going great. I’m a bit tired by the end of the day but am spoiling myself with taxi rides to the ferry instead of walking. I am also pleased to report that I can tolerate small amounts of alcohol again (thank goodness) The last time I took chemo pills I managed to swish them down with a little booze every night, I don’t know why, it just seemed so wrong it was right somehow. Made me feel better anyway. My oncologist thinks I;m batty! I am still struggling to sleep through the night. I seem to wake up every couple of hours, immediately feel that my little plastic friend needs emptying, then have a heck of a time getting back to sleep but it is improving….slowly.


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