Ferry ride from hell……..

[Originally posted on Thursday, September 15, 2011]     

Stamina returning but still not doing full days yet……This is mostly due to my bossy friends at work who have decided what they think is a suitable work load for me….aah they are looking after me. Probably just as well I’m sure I’d be overdoing it otherwise. Consequently, today I was traveling home on the early boat when all of a sudden I can feel a little sort of percolating sensation around the edge of my ostomy bag. When I reached down to examine it was like touching blotting paper to an ink spill……Yes, horror of horrors my flipping bag is leaking. I grab my stuff and walk as quickly as I can to the restroom and lock myself in the stall. OMG! the whole thing is hanging on by a thread and the ” you know what” is tumbling out. Fortunately all I had eaten was melon and apple but I had just drunk a large bottle of water. I sat there for 20 minutes stuffing toilet tissue in the sides. I kept thinking, this can’t be happening, how am I going to get off this ferry and onto another when the front of my clothes are soaking wet and of course I hadn’t bought a jacket or cardigan for camouflage had I. So, this was rapidly turning into one of those times when you want to cry but you absolutely can not!!! I hear the docking announcement “ok Tina here goes certain disaster” I shuffled out with the tail end of the crowd, my lunch bag held oh so strategically in front of me. Into the terminal and into the toilet. More mopping up and …..joy of joys … a hand dryer. So I trust my pelvis under the hot air and dried things out quite a bit. Quickly down the stairs, the whole time pushing my paper stuffed pants tightly against me. “Come on come on you can do this” Onto the boat and stand up pressing myself against a wall and trying to act as if for all the world the map on the wall in front of me was the most fascinating thing I’d ever seen. 15 minutes later I was stepping into the waiting car, I made it…phew. Dignity relatively intact…check.


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