What a pain in the ……hip joint?

[Originally posted on Friday, July 29, 2011]

It seems as if every few weeks something else pops up to challenge me, Now it appears my hip joints are giving me a bit of a problem (stiff, sore and achy) I haven’t talked to my Doc yet but I did Google said problem and yes hip pain is associated with pelvic radiation. Also, a nice bit of trivia, people who endure pelvic radiation are 50% more likely to break a hip in old age………oh super! From the waist up I’m terrific bellow the belly button, things, they are a changing. Oh well, soon I’ll be getting lots of rest. This time next week I’ll be getting ready to go to the hospital for surgery, crikey, that came around quickly didn’t it? In order to prepare myself adequately for this, I decided a final fling was in order and so last weekend Peter and our two friends Tim and Traci sped out to the coast to our favorite little cabin on the beach and spent three days laughing, drinking, eating, playing games, did I mention drinking? and just enjoying the heck out of ourselves. Brilliant!
I can highly recommend this activity to banish all thoughts of nasty hospital procedures.


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