Those lazy days of summer………

[Originally posted on Monday, August 22, 2011]

Big emphasis on LAZY here. I am being forced into slugitude (new word ) by definition:- One who wants to do stuff but is not permitted my friends and family………I know I am not allowed to lift anything over 10LBS but come on people……that doesn’t mean don’t lift ANYTHING!!!  I’m trying to be a good patient but patience has never been a strong suit of mine. For a moment there I thought I loved being a princess but it really is quite boring and you spend a lot of time watching other do the things  you should be doing. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has been so fantastic………I’m just well, impatient and board. This healing thing takes sooo… long (God has it really only been two weeks since I came home? I don’t even feel creative. All this time on my hands I could be making baskets or knitting socks….something, but, I just don’t have the motivation or energy. I have never been a person to take naps but now I am the queen of the Nap. Alright, I’ll quit whingeing.

I had my first bag accident the other day, I somehow managed to catch the business end of the clip that seals the end of the bag on the bed sheets as I got out. Fortunately it was fairly empty at the time but OMG….if this were to happen in public I would be mortified. Fortunately we had just purchased some stuff called “POOP OFF” for unexpected doggy accidents. Ha ha ha, well, we are all animals aren’t we? Worked a treat too.


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