The after surgery sanctuary……

[Originally posted on Monday, July 11, 2011]

When I told my husband Peter that I would be fixing up the back bedroom for when I come home from the hospital, he was aghast that I wouldn’t want to sleep with him with my stomach full of staples and with my colon sticking out of my abdomen attached to a colostomy bag, not to mention our two cats, Boris and Sophie, who pretty much hate each other. If they both happen to jump on the bed simultaneously a small feline war breaks out….no, I think not….So armed with a can of paint, in a lovely shade of blue called ‘the good life’ some new sheets and curtains and a memory foam topper for the little twin bed,very important cush for my tush, for my little oasis I am delighted with the result. So much so that, well, I can hardly wait to take up residence. Peter now suggests that all I need is a flat screen TV at the end of the bed, but that would be overkill….or would it?


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