Quick update….

[Written by Julie Abbott on Wednesday, August 11, 2011]   

Tina is still doing well, but has experienced quite a bit of discomfort today…. Someone once told me that if we do not have bad or not so good days we will not appreciate the great ones – and we believe that whole-heartedly, and that means she is in for a better day tomorrow!

She is headed to the Oncology doctor next Wednesday so she will know a great deal more at that time in regard to what is to be expected in the weeks ahead, and her follow up with the surgeon is on the 22nd August.

I fully expect in another day or two or three she will be back to blogging in person and we will all be entertained by her stories, up-lifting spirit and no holes bard held account of her experiences!

For those of you who remember Mike Oldfield back in the 70’s (not sure if it was just an English experience!) – he gave a great rendition with “Tubular Bells”. I, myself, will patiently await for the Tina Juvonen recording and performance with “Cow Bells”.



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