Oh horror of horrors………..

[Originally posted onThursday, August 25, 2011]

I only went and broke a mirror didn’t I……Oh crikey! Us Britts are a very superstitious lot. It was a stupid little thing with suckers on the back and my friend Traci and I thought I could use it when changing my ostomy bag. But the suckers didn’t suck and it fell to the bathroom floor. If my superstitious memory serves me right I think I have to wait until the next full moon and then bury all the pieces under a tree. Oh brother, when is the next full moon? I cannot take the chance of seven years bad luck. Who came up with this ridiculous superstition anyway? was it the Romans, I think they are the ones that first made a mirror.

I spent my first full day alone yesterday and look at the trouble I got into. Not only the mirror incident but I also had a horrible bag leakage problem. (will the humiliations never end?) I saw the ostomy nurse (number 1 bag lady) after the Dr on Wed and we tried a different bag set-up as I am not quite getting a good enough seal around my stoma…..well this one was even worse. So now I have more skin erosion to conquer.Don’t think I really explained what happens when you get a leak but there is alot of bile (very acidic stuff) in this poop and when it sits on your skin it burns it away, you can’t always see a leak you just start to feel it as a slow burning\tingling sensation  Thank goodness for my Kindle, my ipod and my lap top, these are the diversions of my life.


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