No keeping her down !!!

[Written by Julie Abbott and Originally posted August 10th 2011]

Well – Tina is doing fantastic! In fact, I may have to be a bit of a bossy little English woman during the next week or so to slow her down a little and so that she does not over do things!!

Tina came home on Monday afternoon and with the exception of a little nausea this morning she has been doing exceptionally well. She’s walking up and down the stairs with ease, has her wonderful cheshire cat grin back and she is eating well. We are having to be creative on meal planning… low fiber diet and the elimination of most fruit and veggies and anything that can make one gaseous! No caffeine, no effervescent drinks, and no alcohol (although, Tina did tell me that wine is definitely not going to be in the alcohol classification during the later stage of recovery and it will instead be considered to be in the grape juice classification which is permitted!).

Oh…. the cow bell is ringing – I have to dash!!!


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