Life as a Bag Lady………..

[Originally posted on August 12th 2011]

I spent at least a week before surgery gently stroking my tummy trying to imagine what it might be like to have a bag attached. I imagined it wouldn’t be too bad……….at the moment it’s pretty horrible! I’m trying not to think negatively about my new accoutrement but honestly, right now I hate it!.It’s a 10 inch long plastic bag and it just hangs uncomfortably on the front of my stomach. It is quite unpleasant to empty (5-6 times a day and once at night) It means I cannot eat a lot of things I like and changing the whole contraption twice a week takes me a good 20 minutes. When you peal off the part that holds it to your skin (the first time we did this my skin came off too….ouch) you get to see your stoma. This is part of your intestines that they poke through to the outside and somehow turn inside out. It looks a bit like a blob of raw meat stuck to my belly. I can’t decide if it’s kind of cool or just really creepy, at the moment I’m leaning towards creepy. One rather amusing thing happens when you have a gas release, it makes a soft bubbling sound not unlike the filter in an aquarium, that part has at least bought a smile to my face a few times.

Gosh, I’m not sounding very cheery at present am I? I really have nothing to complain about as I am being treated like a princess by both Julie and Peter. Things just take a little bit of time to adjust to that’s all. Soon I shall be an expert bag lady.


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