It’s not exactly an ivory tower……..but

[Originally posted on August 13th 2011]

My tiara

My tiara

I have to say I rather like being holed up in my little bedroom, perhaps a bit too much. I mean it’s so cosy. I get meals and drinks and drugs bought right to my bedside. I have my ipod, my lap top and now a Kindle at my finger tips. I have regular visits from all the animals and I can just snuggle down and go to sleep whenever I want……’re begining to see the problem here aren’t you?…..I like it! I do get up and potter around a few times a day but “them down there” won’t let me do anything useful so after a couple of wrist slaps I just come back up. I think I am feeling a teeny-weeny bit better pain wise today. It must be because I am resting more, yes, this was really a brilliant idea to have my own room. I think maybe I’ll just have one more short nap before dinner.


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