Foolish Girl…….

[Originally posted on August 18th 2011]

Note to self…………Do not drink wine when on high doses of pain pills!!!

I though a very small glass of wine would be in order last night, by way of a celebration…oops bad idea. It didn’t take long before I felt decidedly off-color. Green around the gills and shivering under a blanket. I’m just chalking that one up to experience. Now do you want to hear something amazing? When my tummor was first discovered during the colonoscopy, it was 8 cm long. When they removed  it during surgery the radiation  had shrunk the thing to just 3 mm. So, It’s no wonder other bits are shrinking. Anyway, I thought that was pretty fantastic.

I had to say goodbye to my nurse Ratchet Julie today. It was so great to have her out here. I didn’t think I would need anybody. But thank goodness I have a bossy friend who won’t take no for an answer, because the last two weeks have been way harder than I imagined. So, Peter is my go to guy now, poor thing….now where did I put that cow bell?

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