D Day is fast approaching……

[Originally posted on Thursday, August 4, 2011]

It is so amazing how fast the time can fly when you don’t want it to, but I am fit and ready for action (well actually that would be inaction) I’ve had my toes done….nothing too garish so as not to clash with my hospital whites. I’ve had a lovely massage to limber me up. Done a little clean up under the arms, legs etc…and I’m ready to face the music.

My friend Julie has flown in to take care of me (thank the Lord) and she with be co-authoring the blog until I am back on my feet. I must thank you all for your good wishes and healing energy. I feel, quite literally wrapped in love…..don’t worry I’m not going to get all mushy, I just want you to know I appreciate everything.

And so…tomorrow at around noon I will be going under for about 4 hours, surprisingly enough I don’t feel particularly nervous. I have never been into hospital for surgery of any kind but, as I have tremendous faith in Dr B I intend to be smiling when the wheel me in,  people say you don’t dream but I’m hoping for a nice little trip to France or England. xxxx


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