changing……..The nurse told me lies….

[Originally posted on August 15th2011]

This should  be sung to the Bee Gees version of “jive talking” I’m working on the new version as we speak. Right, so twice a week I have to remove this whole contraption,a sticky round disc with a hole in the center that goes over your stoma and a bag that snaps on tupperware style to compleate the ensamble, clean the area and plonk another one. Sounds easy enough. Didn’t have a problem at the hospital with the ostomy nurse breathing down my neck so why not throw a quick shower in between removing and reapplying the bag just to be sure everything is super clean………and I really need a shower…..Thank goodness my friend Juls has a strong stomach because there was some mighty raw skin once all all that sticky stuff was pealed away (no wonder it was hurting so much) Oh well it’ll heal, I must not have got the seal just right……..a person with shaky hands or bad eye sight would really have to have help. The problem with showering without the bag on is that you continue to leak…….stuff out of your stoma…..oh God this is all just so gross I wish I hadn’t started this post. Needless to say between the two of us we got everything put back in place for a few days. Deep breath Tina there are worse things in life. Today I had a call from the medical company that sends me the ostomy supplies…..guess what?……my insurance company does not cover cost…….Grrrrrr….sometimes it is just not worth being self employed.


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