Well, just how am I these balmy days of Summer?

[Originally posted in June 2011]

Alright, I am feeling just a teensy bit guilty for not blogging much lately. Especially as I feel as if I have a regular fan club now (what a terrifically weird thing that is) so I do apologize but you see the thing is ….I’m feeling kind of great and this is supposed to be my CANCER blog. You surely are expecting to read about some horrid things happening to my body….well, ok It’s not all peaches and cream but I’ll get to that in a moment. So just to keep you all in the loop here is an update:-
I have not lost my hair, at least not the stuff on the top of my head which is amazing considering all those pink pills of chemo. If you travel a little father south things are looking decidedly sparse in the nether regions also ‘that lot down there’ have decided to go gray, oh well at last I will have a matching ensemble. Also….areas are healing up (radiation burns) but, you know how sometimes things start to itch when they heal….yep, this is proving a bit of a challenge when in pubic I can tell you. But nothing, I repeat nothing had prepared me for the shock of vaginal stenosis……eeek!!!
Right, for those of you who are not looking this up on google, let me enlighten you. While the radiation therapy shrinks my tumor it also shrinks my……vagina….Bloody hell, can you believe it? so in order not to end up with the vagina ( I’m really getting used to typing the word now) of a three-foot midget (and I mean no offense to any little people out there, it’s all a question of proportions)   I must use a dilator (posh word for a dildo) daily or just have lots of sex. Neither of these options I might add, are too comfortable at the moment. Ahh well, must take” one for the gipper” or as we say back home just “lay back and think of England” ps I could not think of an appropriate photo for this post so I just chose a pretty sunset.


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