One more thing……..

[Originally posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2011]

You remember that movie…Priscilla queen of the desert? well, I am now staring in……Tina, Queen of the hot flash. It’s another lovely thing that the radiation therapy did. It threw me headlong (alright I was heading that way anyway) into menopause and now I am very well acquainted with the sleeping pattern of…..
Sleep for a bit
Awake inside a furnace
Throw the sheets off in panic
Assume star fish pose for a couple of minutes
Pull sheets back
Sleep for a bit
repeat often before morning.
They say alcohol worsens the effect but after minor research (couple of days) I can say I noticed no difference.
So, in conclusion I would say I am, on the whole, feeling pretty good but when I think about all this I guess I do have some nasty things going on inside.
Updates to follow….I promise


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