Home sweet home…..

   [note: originally posted on Sunday, May 15, 2011]

Just a note to any would be bloggers, if you have to log on remotely, do not, I repeat DO NOT forget your password. It’s taken me hours of searching my old brain to come up with it. So sorry it’s taken so long for me to update. Anyway I am back in my own house as of yesterday and it feels great. My last day was a day sooner than expected (Thursday) and I wonder if they don’t do that on purpose because towards the end you are just gritting your teeth and saying “just two more, just one more” I really wanted to draw a big smiley face on my bottom for the last day to give the radiation techs a laugh but was not prepared to do it with permanent marker. Peter thinks I’m weird enough as it is.
I now get to take a whole week off to recover and I do apologize to any clients who were scheduled for this upcoming week but I need a break. I’ve some pretty spectacular radiation burns running up and down my you know what! Not to mention my old friend Hemorhoidius Burns is still in residence.
All this time on my own has led me to become even more self amused than before. Now I have taken to putting my own lyrics to well-known songs, Like:-

Burning, burning burning,
Keep those buns a burning

I have flatly refused to use of “the inflatable doughnut” thank you very much but I do have some pride left.
Here’s looking forward to a relaxing week, hopefully accompanied by some bloody sunshine!

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