Happy Birthday to ……

{Originally posted May 20011}
                                                                     I thought of my mother last Monday who fifty two years ago would have been laboring upstairs at the ‘Barley Mow” (that’s the name of the pub we lived in) with her second child…me, as my father covered for the two of them on a busy Saturday night. I was born at 9.20pm so the bar would have been in full swing. I wonder if my Dad kept running to the bottom of the stairs to listen for the squeals of his new born. Probably too busy for that but I cannot imagine how distracted he must have been. Funny, these days I can think of a million questions I should have asked my parents when I had the chance.. Where was my 10 year old brother? At friends or holed up in the attic (his cool bedroom) listening to his Beatle albums or building something with that damn maccano set he was so pround of in that “touch it and I’ll break your fingers” kind of a way.. I wonder how much time  passed before that picture (sorry couldn’t find it) of us was taken. The one with my Mum proudly holding newborn me in bed with her hair brushed and I’m sure at least a smear of lipstick in place and a cute bed jacket (that she probably made) around her shoulders. Wow, those 50’s women were amazing weren’t they? Anyway, enough reminiscing. I had a beautiful day and I have to say I am feeling terrific at the present, so here’s to June being a sunny, warm month 🙂Iris & Joe at the Barley Moe


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