Fossil Hunting…….

[Originally posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2011]

Alfie and I fossil huntingI must be collecting all my good karma points at the moment because with all the rotten weather we’ve been having lately, what are the chances that the one weekend I choose to go out to the rugged and usually wet wilds of the Olympic peninsula for a little R&R with Peter the weather is FANTASTIC.Had just a brilliant time for two days. We stay in a very rustic cabin (no electricity) right on the beach. You can see Canada across the water. Peter has been fossil hunting in this same spot for about 30 years. It’s amazing there are any fossils left to find. We didn’t find but one or two this time but had a beautiful day on the beach, heads down, hammers in hand and bags slung over our shoulders. It’s a very isolated spot and you have to time the tides right otherwise you can get stuck. I absolutely love it and I’ve got much better at spotting fossils over the years too, although nobody can beat old Hawkeye Peter who has filled our house with cool and beautiful rocks.30 million year old shell fossil

I see my surgeon today, so will have some up-dates about my future schedule soon. Trying not to be too nervous, I’ve never had surgery before unless we are counting dental work and really I would rather chew stinging nettles in a muddy puddle than go see the dentist. So, off I go and I will try not to look like a deer caught in the headlights.

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