Baby Chicks

[Originally posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2011]

Sometimes I have to wonder if I don’t lack a little common sense. I went to yoga class yesterday morning.My thinking was, that it might be a good idea to get my body a little stretched out before surgery (there are yoga twists that actually stretch your colon). What I forget is that, if you have a teacher like Heather (mild-mannered drill sergeant) and you have not done any serious stretching in, oh what’s it been …..3 months? You might want to take it easy…Ha. If I tell you it hurts to pick up my coffee cup this morning I think you have an idea of the pain I am feeling. I even did some weeding in the garden when I got home, quite a lot actually. So I have those aches and pains on top. Maybe if I just lay in an Epsom salts bath all day.
What is helping to take my mind off the searing pain in my muscles are the eight adorable baby chicks that arrived in the mail….yes, the mail.
My friend Sandy and I could hardly wait to get to the post office to pick up our cheeping box of cuteness. As soon as they are born they are shipped out. A new chick can suvive for about 2 days with no food or water, so  as soon as they arrive you make sure they drink some water and keep them nice and warm. Really, is there anything as sweet and soft and cute as a new-born  chick? So I think I will just pull up a comfy chair next to the heat lamp and watch them as they fall asleep, wake up and explore thier new world.To hell with the chores.


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