A little reprieve and a robot…..

[Originally posted onThursday, June 9, 2011]

You know it’s a good feeling when your surgeon greets you with open arms and you start your appointment off with a hug. Then of course you notice the gauze square with the lubricant next to the rubber gloves sitting under the spot light and the magic is gone. In defense of Dr B he has to be the kindest surgeon on the planet and for this I am truly grateful that he is the one doing the slicing and dicing. Which, by the way is not happening until August 5th.So I will be working through August 4th for any of my clients needing services.
Now, the freaky thing is…..I will actually have my surgery done by a ROBOT!!! You heard me right; no human hand will be reaching the inner me so to speak……..wild huh? It’s called  Da Vinci and according to Dr B it has much more dexterity than a human hand and can perform the very twiddley little maneuvers that are needed. Sounds good to me! The surgery should take between 5-6 hours. It must be exhausting to be a surgeon….just imagine that kind of focus for that long. This is a picture of the real thing….

I should be a guest of Swedish hospital for 4 days or until I can safely operate my new accessory (the colostomy bag) which apparently comes with its own nurse whose sole job it is to teach me, let’s call her the “Bag Lady” or maybe “the Old Bag” I’ll let you know on that score later.
At the moment I am planning to take one month off work to recoup. I do have almost 5 more months of chemo to endure so I don’t want to take too much time off at the beginning and then there is one more surgery to but me all back together as I was before at the very end. I will then be the new and improved Tina so look out world I may need to go climb a mountain or maybe just sit on a beach in St Tropez.:-)


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