When your best friend is a tube of Preperation H

[Note: This was originally published in April 2011]

Alright, no need for all the gory details on this one. My morning bathroom visits have, let us just say , increased in their frequency and ferocity. It is starting to worsen a little each day, right now I might have to go 7,8,9 times before it’s all said and done. The good news is….the cankles have gone. All it took was about three gallons of water. By the way, I know i am not really supposed to drink much alcohol but I do swish those pink chemo pills down with a sip or two of something other than water. Something about this is so wrong ….it’s right.

Yesterday I went to see a naturopath who specializes in oncology, to help bolster my immune system. Now I have an extra twenty five…TWENTY FIVE, pills to take each day. Some I take before I eat, some during my meal (actually between bites) and some after. For someone like me who has a hard time remembering to take a multi vitamin this seems a mammoth task. Oh well a patient has  to do what a patient has to do.


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