The Lap of Luxury

[Note: This was originally published on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is a sunny beautiful spring day. There is a tiny hummingbird Mom sitting on a teeny wee nest by the front door. She keeps so still it is hard to find her but when she does fly off I have snuck up to look inside. Her eggs are the size of tic tac mints, wow, nature is amazing.  I have just come inside from an hour sitting in the sun reading and sipping tea and watching the ferries (hi Guys) Oh yes, I spent all morning at the hospital but my afternoon has been lazy and luxurious. I do feel as if I’m on holiday.

This beautiful house belonging to a lovely lady called Leah is just gorgeous and has a delightful Zen feel to it…lucky me……AGAIN.There is a grand piano and although I do not play I cannot resist banging out chopsticks at least once a day, because I heard they must be played or they go out of tune.  There is a sweet old cat called Bien who pads quietly around so I’m not alone. I know it’s going to get a bit ropey soon with the radiation but right now I feel very happy and calm.



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