Sometimes you just need a good chic flick.

[Note: This was originally published on Friday, April 15, 2011]

OK I admit it I’m a sucker for the ones that make you cry really hard. I know they say laughter is the best medicine but really is there anything quite as cleansing as a good old cry? You also should be on your own for this cleansing process because it’s not very pretty.
Anyway, two weeks under my belt as of today only three more to go, so that’s good.
My dear sweet Peter called me last night at 11.30 ( of course I’m asleep like a baby at the time) because he had accidentally pushed some buttons on the new stove and couldn’t turn them off ????? It is very hard for the husbands to be without their wives for any amount of time isn’t it?
I heard my friend has ordered our new baby chickens from the hatchery today so it really must be spring. I might have to make a chic flick of my own in a few weeks’ time….. Sorry, I couldn’t help it :.)

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