One week and counting…..

[Note: This was originally published in May 2011]

So this is it, the last week of radiation and chemo. I can’t wait for this bit to be over. Blimey, if you could see what’s going on with radiation burns on my bottom ….yuk!  Never mind, you never want to see or experience this. Yesterday I was well, honestly, a bit depressed. The thought of one more week (they do a radiation boost tomorrow) and with symptoms worsening it was all getting me down. Anyway, I found a few hours of really bad TV watching, my God there are some doozies out there, anyone seen a show called Pregnant in heels? and a few naps have me back to my old self today.
Hope you had a lovely Mother’s day, to all the mums. Funny that the date is different in the uk but Father’s day is the same.
Here’s me keeping my chin up and chest out as I start the count down to my release from Big Bertha.


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