Oh no Cankles!

[Note: This was originally published on Saturday, April 16, 2011]

Jeepers creepers I woke up this morning with cankles. You know when you loose sight of the bone in your ankle and your calf and ankle appear as one due to swelling. These were not listed as a side effect in the 3″ thick book entitles something like, Welcome to your cancer journey. In order to make myself feel better and not be a laughing stock at work. I wore long baggy linen pants and my new soft suede shoes. Foolish, foolish girl, the reason your mother told you not to wear new shoes to work…….you might get BLISTERS!!! What is wrong with me have I lost all common sense? Never mind, I am also following mother’s sage advice now that I am home in my PJ’s at eight o’clock with my swollen legs elevated and having a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit, that seems to make everything a bit better.


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