[Note: This was originally published in April 2011]

How to watch a wedding live from England and still go to work.

First, go to bed at 7.00pm. Next set alarm for 2.30am, wake up and watch royal wedding till ceremony is over (about 4.00) back to sleep by 4.30 set alarm again for 8.00 and you will actually have had a good night’s sleep and seen all the important bits. Well that was the plan anyway, however, I was so blooming excited I could not fall asleep, and then I awoke at 11.00 and again at 1.15…….. oh well, who needs sleep when there is all that pageantry going on. I watched and loved the whole thing. Didn’t she look lovely? I was on the phone to my English girlfriend Janet and we discussed everyone (what is it with the Brits and those hats!) as they came into the church. I think I may even have sung a couple of bars of the national anthem, certainly all the hyms….good grief!
Anyway, on little sleep I sort of managed to work a whole day after treatment this morning, bet I’ll have no trouble getting off tonight. I will be off work tomorrow and some of next week. I am so looking forward to going home to see the dogs, cats, chickens, parrot oh and Peter too. No, especially Peter, I’ve been missing him a lot.
I know you want to know if the nurses where in hats today.
Why, yes they were rather grand ones as a matter of fact. I was also particularly impressed with wedding cake they had made for the occasion…..It said; Wills & Kate with Much love……aah, how sweet was that?


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