Hung up and Harassed

[Note: This was originally published on Monday, April 4, 2011]

You know the feeling, all you want to do is spend a few minutes to type up an e-mail and send it on its way but there is some sort of cyber devil that possesses your computer and no matter what you try it thwarts you at every turn making your life a living hell!
Case in point. My crazy insurance does not cover prescription costs….I need chemo pills….oops. I am to start treatment tomorrow and it is imperative that I send a letter to the powers that be, seeking payment assistance. Just to give you an idea how much my drugs will cost, a 14 day supply will be $2,232 and I need 6 weeks’ worth (insane no?)  So this e-mail was kind of vital. I have not one but two computers at my house and found to my horror that Beelzebub has taken over both of them. Nooooo!
Stay calm Tina, think. Aha! I have a smart phone…….guess what? It won’t send an e-mail for me either, I am doomed 😦
Eat dinner, try again once I have calmed down. Try to resist urge to throw computers though the window, or at the very least jump up and down on the lap top. Finally after 3 hours of trying, the e-mail starts working again and my letter flies off into cyberspace. I do not know if My treatments will start Tues or not at this point it might take a little bit of a miracle…..fingers crossed.

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